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You can not use up creativity. The more you us it the more you have.

Maya Angelou

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Throughout the years, Aurora-Christine School of Arts has established a reputation for providing a supportive learning environment where both students and instructors are able to thrive and develop their talents. We welcome the opportunity for students to express themselves individually. By providing developmentally appropriate activities that include PA state standards and objectives. Science, social studies, engineering, reading, and technology are all part of the core curriculum. Students also participate in gymnastics, cooking, and music as part of our regular program.


Skills such as fine motor coordination, sensory development, executive function, and hand-eye coordination are developed in students.

At Aurora-Christine, we pride ourselves on building confidence in age-appropriate classroom conversations about current events, safety, and weather.

Customize Academic Care

Students are given a small assessment before beginning project-based assignments to develop their academic portfolio throughout the year. With this personalized action plan, students will be able to build on their knowledge while remediating gaps in understanding. Personalizing instruction and accelerating learning by providing teachers with the tools they need. 

Our Curriculum


The Arts Integration Curriculum includes stimulating lessons that allow students to express themselves creatively. Designed to meet the individual needs of each child in accordance with Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and Objectives. Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Music, Arts, and Culinary Arts are all part of the curriculum. 

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