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The AC
Art Workshop

Designed to bring out the big artists in your little ones! The projects will help: develop problem solving skills, refine motor skills, and build self confidence. A variety of art projects that include painting, sculpture and mixed media.  Each activity provides your child with a hands-on creative experience and great work of art to take home.

Arts and Crafts

It's Their Art

Here it is the students 
responsibility to create their own projects without the interference from the teacher. You'd be surprised what they can accomplish with a little guidance and and enthusiasm.


Art Class


Each week we dabble in a different media using only the finest materials. We prefer oil pastels, liquid watercolors, & heavyweight paper!  Crayons just aren’t our thing.

Colorful Pens


Our curriculum is based on fine art principles, fused with contemporary trends, and mixed mediums. We will discuss art history, famous artists, art elements, different cultures, and a variety of other things throughout the session, from Pre-k through 3rd grade. Throughout this Core Art Curriculum, students will experience a fun and engaging art program that provides a broad and comprehensive overview of the arts.



Location:2447 N 54TH ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 19132


Phone: 215-436-9845



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