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Aurora-Christine School of Arts

Where The Passion Begins



Founder and CEO

Aurora-Christine was created out of a love of art and a passion for education. Over the past decade, Kristina Fielding has taught grades pre-k to 8th, recognizing scholars yearned for more than just the regular classroom environment.   

In order to meet the needs of every student, she combined her degrees with studies in order to create the Aurora-Christine School of Arts. Currently, Ms. Fielding serves as the head of school, guiding the classroom and leading students. 

Patricia Garica 

Head of Advertising

Patricia Garcia is a SF-based designer who is passionate about bringing people together through her creative endeavors. She has been in the field of design for over 5 years and strives to create meaningful connections between clients and companies. As of now, Ms. Garica is serving as Aurora-Christine's acting advisor.

Team: Team
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